Benefits of Social Media

Social Media enables your business to engage with clients & connect with potential customers, whilst promoting your core messages & strengthing your brand.

Approximately three quarters (75%) of all internet users (aged 18 years and above) engage in social media on a regular basis. As a business, how can you connect and engage with this audience and attract potential customers?


Creating a visible brand

Engaging in social media through blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, video blogs, image sharing and more, on a regular basis can help you achieve consistent visibility. By participating in conversations, sharing ideas and making your brand/company present in your customers daily routine will help you to remain at the forefront of their minds when they come to purchasing services and products that you provide.


Become a useful resource

Sharing great content will help you become established as the go to place for your specific product or service. Human nature dictates that we will always trust people that we know as well as valuing the recommendations made by friends, family and colleagues. Shares, likes, views and re-tweets are all a form of recommendation for your brand/company.


Be more personable and highlight your strengths

Social Media provides a platform to reach out directly to your customers and become more than just a logo or a website. The friendly and informal nature of social media can also allow you to highlight the strengths of your company's products or services without sounding like a sales pitch. Customers like to conduct business with companies that they know and trust. By creating emotional connections with customers you can create advocates for your company.


Remove stages of your sales cycle

Research shows that customers who follow you on social media networks are more likely to purchase from you faster. Why? Because they feel that they know your company and often have less questions and need less convincing to make a purchase.


Customer service and brand reputation

Social media is a two way street so it also offers your customers a quick and easy way to contact you and ask questions about your products and services. More worryingly it also gives customers the opportunity to publicly complain about poor service or faulty products. However, by dealing and resolving complaints quickly you can showcase your customer service - putting a positive spin on a potential damaging situation.


Find new clients

Social Media platforms are an additional marketing channel allowing you to find new clients and promote your products. By reaching out to potential customers and sharing content, you can strengthen your brand, attract new clients and retain existing ones as you build your own online community.

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