Currency conversion app ideas

I've just been reading about a new mobile app called Visual Currency Converter. In a nutshell, you use the app to take a photo of the price you want to convert. It could be on a restaurant menu, clothing price tag, etc. Then, you select the currency you want to convert it into and bingo! See the video below for a demo of how it works.

The downside

I then read an article on TNOOZ which, quite rightly, pointed out that once you've got over the novelty of taking a photo to convert the price, you soon realise it would be easier and quicker to just type the figure in using the keypad. You can read the full article here.

The idea

One situation where I thought the Visual Currency Converter might be more useful than traditional apps would be in restaurant. If you're no Carol Vorderman in the maths department then you might find yourself making several different currency conversions. For example a starter might be 14USD, a main course 49USD and a bottle of wine 93USD. This got me thinking that it would be very useful if an app would convert the initial currency you entered and then generate a list (both lower and higher) of additional conversions. Then, you could simply swipe up and down to view them (without having to re-enter new calculation). The mock-up below describes it better than words...

Currency converter idea

If you've got ideas on how to improve currency converter apps we would love to hear about them. Why not share them in the comments below?...

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